Kyle A. Gurley, Ph.D. | Patent Agent

Kyle’s expertise includes developmental biology, stem cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, and genomics. His practice focuses on patent drafting and prosecution involving both domestic and foreign patent applications.

Kyle A. Gurley, Ph.D. portrait Kyle A. Gurley, Ph.D. portrait

Trained as a scientist, Kyle has published 11 peer-reviewed papers in highly respected journals including Science, Developmental Biology, StemBook, and the American Journal of Human Genetics. His competitive research awards include a pre-doctoral HHMI fellowship and a post-doctoral NRSA individual fellowship.

Kyle earned a B.S. degree with Honors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1998, majoring in bacteriology, genetics, and molecular biology. He earned a Ph.D. from Stanford University in 2006 in the field of Developmental Biology. As a graduate student in David Kingsley’s laboratory, Kyle engineered transgenic mice and used a heterologous expression system to study the genetics and biochemistry of ANK, a recently discovered ion transport protein that maintains healthy bones and joints in mice and humans.

Kyle performed his post-doctoral work in the HHMI-funded laboratory of Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado from 2006-2010 at the University of Utah, where he studied stem cell biology and tissue regeneration in planarians, animals with astounding regenerative capacity. During this time, he published two first-author papers in Science describing how cell-to-cell signaling impacts whether stem cells choose to build a head or tail during regeneration. Kyle went on to establish his own planarian lab at the University of Pittsburgh before joining Bozicevic, Field, and Francis in 2012.

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